History of Columbia Lodge

Dispensation for work October 2nd 1819
Received Charter October 2nd 1820
The lodge was located on the Corner of West 7th and North Garden on the third story.
In 1864 General John Bell Hood’s Southern army broke into the lodge and stole or destroyed the charter and working tools.
In 1946 the the third floor of the building burned destroying the lodge room and a lot of the records contained their. The Lodge then held their meetings in the Odd Fellow Hall on South Main, then later in the Drumers building on North Main across from city hall.
In 1951 the lodge moved to Nashville Highway in front of Northway Shopping center.
In 1962 the lodge moved to its present location on Theta Pike.
Columbia Lodge has furnished 4 Grand Masters to the Grand Lodge.

1. Mathew D Cooper 1825-26 6th GM of TN
2. William E Kennedy 1827-28 7th GM of TN
3. Edmund Dillahunty 1844-45 18th GM of TN
4. Archelaus M Hughes 1852-53 23rd GM of TN
5. John Thomas Williamson 1889 GM of TN