Ezra Council #89, Knight Masons

Ezra Council #89 Knight Masons was instituted in May 2005 at Columbia, Tennessee with approximately forty members.

Stated Meeting 5th Tuesday’s 7pm


The 2016 Officers

Excellent Chief   Jared Karpel
Senior Knight
Junior Knight
Treasurer   Burks Taylor
Scribe   Burks Taylor
Senior Warden   David Reed
Junior Warden   Greg Semrow
Director of Ceremonies   Ray Ragsdale
Priest  Tim Westbrook
Steward   Jerry Tucker
Sentinel   Todd Stotlemyer

Past Excellent Chief’s of Ezra Council #89

2019 2018 Jared Karpel 2017 Kenneth Eubank
2016 James Newberry 2015 Blick Hooper 2014 James Hafner
2013 Montee Sneed 2012 Clarence Franklin Alexander 2011 Randall Lee Vaughn Sr
2010 John D Pugh Jr 2009 Ronald J Coates 2008 Thomas B. Hamilton, Jr.
2007 Robert W Yahola 2006 J Rex Hartsfield 2005 J Rex Hartsfield