Euphemia Lodge # 195

Euphemia Lodge #195

Existed in Columbia from 1850 to 1887

Euphemia Lodge #195 was located at Columbia and during its thirty-seven years of existence shared facilities and equipment with Columbia Lodge #31. It was chartered 10/09/1850 as Euphemia Lodge #195 with Francis G. Roche (a local banker) as the charter Master and E. H. Cressy (Rector at an Episcopal Church) and Andrew Jackson Polk (master of Ashwood Plantation) serving as Wardens. In 1854 the name was changed to Roche Lodge, retaining the number 195, to honor the charter Master. In 1872, for reasons unknown at this time, the name was changed back to Euphemia and it remained that way until the charter was surrendered 01/26/1887. Written documentation indicates that the name was changed back to Euphemia as a result of the second ballot on the name change. The first name proposed was Parnassus and the first ballot failed. A membership listing of this lodge contained the names of many men who were prominent in the affairs of Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee and in some case the national level. Among them were the names of Lucius and Andrew J. Polk, Gideon Pillow, W. Whitthorne, W. A. Smith and many other civic and government leaders. Most of the members affiliated with Columbia Lodge #31 when the charter was surrendered and several of them were active in Columbia Lodge including Ernest Yoest who was the last secretary of Euphemia and whose picture is among the pictures of Past Masters of Columbia Lodge.

Past Masters of Euphemia Lodge #195

1887 Charter Surrendered January 1887 1886 H.P. Figures 1885 H.P. Figures
1884 W.C. Taylor 1883 J.H. Wiley 1882 T.J. Coleman
1881 T.J. Coleman 1880 T.J. Coleman 1879 H.P. Seavey
1878 H.P. Seavey 1877 H.P. Seavey 1876 John H. Williamson
1875 John H. Williamson 1874 John H. Williamson 1873 John T. Williamson
1872 William A. Smith 1871 J.H. Fussell 1870 J.H. Fussell
1869 J.H. Fussell 1868 A. Bowen 1867 William R. Johnston
1866 William R. Johnston 1865 John H. Devereux 1864 Nathaniel R. Wilkes
1863 1862 1861
1860 John Deveraux 1859 N. Wilkes 1858 Thomas Bailey
1857 William J. Sykes 1856 Thomas Bailey 1855 Thomas Bailey
1854 1853 Benjamin R. Mitchell 1852 J.W. Keesee
1851 Francis G. Roche ? 1850 Francis G. Roche