DeMolay Commandery #3

DeMolay Commandery #3, Knights Templar, of Columbia, Tennessee was formed December 19, 1858, A. O. 740, pursuant to a Dispensation of the Grand Encampment of the United States, dated at Columbus, Ohio, and signed by the M. E. Grand Master, Sir Benjamin Brown Hubbard. The petitioners to the Grand Commandery were Sirs Lucius J. Polk, A.M. Hughes, John B. Hamilton, Joseph M. Towler, Lionel Hawkins, William H. Whiton, John H. Devereux, Samuel H. Jones, C. Foster Williams, W. G. J. Hunter and William R. Hodge. At the formation under Dispensation the following held office under appointment:

Sir Lucius J. Polk Eminent Commander
Sir A. M. Hughes Generalissimo
Sir John B. Hamilton Captain General
Sir Joseph M. Towler Prelate
Sir John H. Devereux Senior Warden
Sir Lionel Hawkins Junior Warden
Sir William R. Hodge Treasurer
Sir William H. Whiton Secretary
Sir Samuel H. Jones Warder

At a regular organization under Charter, dated September 16, 1859, A. O. 741, the same officers were elected and installed. Subsequent to the war it was revived on the 31st day of May 1867, A. O. 749, under the personal supervision of the R. E. Grand Commander of the State of Tennessee, Sir John McClelland, by the election and installation of the following officers, to wit:

Sir Joseph M. Towler Eminent Commander
Sir John B. Hamilton Generalissamo
Sir A. M. Hughes Captain General
Sir C. F. Williams Prelate
Sir W. L. I. Wilkes Senior Warden
Sir W. J. G. Hunter Junior Warden
Sir T. W. Keesee Treasurer
Sir Jesse Oakes Sentinel

DeMolay Commandery #3 was honored to have the following members serve as Grand Commander of the State of Tennessee:

Sir Lucius J. Polk 1860
Sir Joseph M. Towler 1868
Sir Joseph H. Fussell 1880
Sir Robert Pillow 1891

Sadly This Commandery surrendered its Charter in 1903

Written by:
Rex Hartsfield

Past Commanders of Demolay commandery #3

1908 Charter Surrendered 1907 J.H. Fussell 1906 J.H. Fussell
1905 W.A. Smith 1904 W.A. Smith 1903 W.A. Smith
1902 W.A. Smith 1901 W. A. Smith 1900 W.A. Smith
1899 W.A.Smith 1898 W.A. Smith 1897 W.A. Smith
1896 J.H. Fussell 1895 J.T. Williamson 1894 J.T. Williamson
1893 J.T. Williamson 1892 J.T. Williamson 1891 Archibald Lipscomb
1890 Robert Pillow 1889 R.D. Smith 1888 William C. Taylor
1887 S.D. McEwen 1886 Robert Pillow 1885 Robert Pillow
1884 Lucius Frierson 1883 Lucius Frierson 1882 J.T. Williamson
1881 J.T. Williamson 1880 J.H. Fussell 1879 J.H. Fussell
1878 J.H. Fussell 1877 J.H. Fussell 1876 J.H. Fussell
1875 J.H. Fussell 1875 Joseph M. Towler 1874 Joseph M. Towler
1873 Joseph M. Towler 1872 Joseph M. Towler 1871 Joseph M. Towler
1870 Joseph M. Towler 1869 Joseph M. Towler 1867 Joseph M. Towler
1866 1865 1864
1863 1862 1861
1860 Lucius J. Polk 1859 Lucius J. Polk 1858 Lucius J. Polk